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bulletWhat is a Management Information System (MIS)?
bulletGetting Help for Your MIS and PC Support Helpline Needs
bulletFlexible Hours and Response Time
bulletBilling Policies

What is a Management Information System (MIS)?

The most well known MIS component is the accounting function, but this represents only a part.

A Company must consider the complete flow of paper, the quality and content of information developed by various areas of the Organization, the philosophy and goals of the Company and what information helps answer questions that give the Management team (including Teams of one individual) the view of operations needed to make "go/no go" or "live or die" decisions.

MIS must deliver relevant, speedy and sufficient information to decision makers. The network which accomplishes this task is the software which runs on the installed equipment, the hardware (from manual ledger books to automation equipment), and most importantly the people and their abilities who operate the system.


Getting Help for Your MIS and PC Support Issues

Many businesses opt for the benefits of outside PC support. They may not be large enough or care to invest in full time in-house support capabilities. Need levels may vary.   Many wish to invest resources that otherwise would be required for these internal facilities into other areas.

The level of technology and intricacy of computing options certainly suggest this is a specialty field. Many of our Clients rely on outside assistance for these investments and operations. A good service includes maintaining a working knowledge of recent developments and techniques.

Daily involvement in the PC industry and study of the many technical hardware and software developments provides a working knowledge that benefits multiple Clients.   Answers to one Client's question support the others.

We provide you a direct contact with the latest technology in computer and application developments

Our membership and participation in the Organizations and activities noted in this brochure and currency in industry leading trade periodicals and publications enables ZEIGLER ASSOCIATES to stay abreast of "cutting edge" research and developments in Computer systems and related applications. These activities also open access to other libraries, services and information sources. These Organizations are comprised of highly experienced and motivated developers, designers and users (just like our Clients) in a wide variety of industries and backgrounds from the Northern Illinois area. This team of experts is committed to extending the usefulness of PCs and their installed software tailored best to their needs at the most cost effective level.

Having the ability to see research and implementation - FIRST HAND - puts ZEIGLER ASSOCIATES even further ahead. In return, our clients receive cost effective consulting.

We maintain over $100,000 in software and hardware used by our Clients to enhance hands on support. We can also develop and/or present customized on-site training programs, benefiting from our extensive experience in this area as well. We have available a full set of computer connected projection equipment.


Service - Flexible Hours and Response Time

Client needs and situations rarely conform to convenient schedules. Current Clients will attest to the fast response to Pages as well as the commitment to meeting sometimes unexpected deadlines even outside normal hours.


Billing Policy

Our rates are set based on a Standard base of $125 per productive hour for Senior Technician ($135 for Client/Server Configuration and Support) and $85 per productive hour for Associate Technician. Phone Support is part of our productive service.  Every effort is made to accurately round [not up] and accumulate short calls.  The term 'productive' indicates that not all applied time is productive. The determination is made as work is accomplished. Ancillary costs such as telephone, supplies and mileage are included in the rate. Where feasible, we use Technical Support staff at 1/2 the standard rate.

Software and hardware if acquired through us is billed at cost, copy of the invoice provided to you. We add no markup on materials purchases because analysis and recommendation on hardware and software alternatives are part of our productive services.

Billings are generally monthly and standard terms are 15 days from date of invoice receipt. Invoices usually list details of service by the day.



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