Calling all '79 Hornets!!

Please fill out the following questionnaire for a memory book to be handed out at the reunion! If you don't, you will have to report to Becker's Office!!!


Graduates Name:
Married Name:
Spouse or Dogs Name:
Address 2:
City: State: Zip:
Phone: Email:
Years Married: Years Divorced: Number of Children: Age Range -

Since graduation, what has been your principle area of activity? i.e. Law, Medicine, Sales, Homemaker, Office Work, attending Dead shows with Mrs. Perkins, Traveling to Kenya with Mr. O'Brien..........

Since our graduation, is there one event you would either relive or change? i.e. Making out with Dave Keenley at Glenn Brezka's Bar Mitzvah?

Is there a seldom or never seen fellow Hornet that you are looking forward to seeing or making out with in the parking lot (please do not include Mrs. Riccetti in the lunch room) and why?

Is there anything you have done since 1979 that you never believed you would do? Please tell us.

What is your fondest memory of Oakview Jr. High?

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Are there any other thoughts you would like to share?

By clicking on submit, your info will be emailed directly to your reunion committee and NOT be shared with anyone else (unless you are in politics.....)

For answers to these and many other pressing questions and for a Rip Roaring great evening of good food, great laughs and sharing all of this with old friends, please be sure to join us at the HORNETS' '79 Bash!!
If you wish to fill out this survey the old fashioned way, click here for the Adobe Version.

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