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Knowledgeable and Experienced Assistance to Set Up and Maintain Your PC Software Applications and Hardware Systems

PC software application explosion and hardware advancement continues.

Vigorous PC software and hardware industry changes lead many users to miss cost saving opportunities, waste software learn/use time and misalign acquisitions to needs.

Outsourcing part / all management information systems implementation and support remains a popular option.

Local assistance means faster on-site response and local calls.

Regional perspective broadens exposure to new ideas & techniques.


Excerpts from Business Experience of Principal:

bulletCEO of 125 employee, $10 million construction firm - 5 years; CFO of the same firm - 3 additional years
bulletCFO and CEO lieutenant of $1.2 million environmental remediation firm - 2 years
bulletManaged Information / Computer System of 5 company enterprise of 500 employees and $80MM - 2 years
bulletUnion Pension, Welfare and Industry Fund Trustee [representing management] - 3 years
bulletUnion Negotiation Committee [representing management] - 2 years
bulletOver 50,000 words published including Journal of Construction Accounting and Taxation and over 450 formal training hours given both in computer and accounting systems
bulletPast Officer and Director of six trade and civic organizations - 6 years
bulletPast and Present Chairman of over 15 committees in five trade and civic organizations - 14 years
bulletCombined Construction Industry Information System Installations and Conversions managing over 1,600 employees, 200 system terminal connections and $575 million annual revenue
bulletExcerpts from Software Experience and Specialization:
bulletOperating Environments: DOS, OS/2, batch programming, Windows and Xenix
bulletClient-Server Network Systems: Novell 2.x, Novell 3.x, Xenix
bulletPeer-to-Peer Network Systems: Lantastic, Novell Lite, Windows for Workgroups
bulletAccounting Systems: Timberline, Peachtree, Stagesoft, ContrAcct, Concord, GEAC, SSD, SBT
bulletLotus applications such as: 123, Symphony, Ami Pro, Freelance Graphics, Approach
bulletIntegrated desktop applications: SmartSuite, Notes, Microsoft Office
bulletCross Application data integration such as SmartSuite and ASCII to desktop data merging automation
bulletCommunications Applications and BBS/Database Access: Internet, Prodigy, Compuserve, Amer. Online
bulletPublic Domain Utilities
bulletSystem Optimization Utilities: QEMM, MemMaker, Stacker, Double/DrvSpace
bulletScanning set up and imaging applications
bulletOptical Character Recognition and Graphic Integration between applications
bulletExtensive macro, script and batch code development in a wide variety of the above applications
bulletExcerpts from Hardware Experience and Specialization:
bulletIBM (compatible) PCs and related features and options
bulletTechnical resource for IBM AS400 installations and implementations including PC to AS400 connections
bulletHard disk management and optimization
bulletNetwork Configurations - Cable Plants and Topologies
bulletPC presentation and display equipment
bulletModem - remote communications and systems access and control
bulletPrinters - dot matrix, laser and plotter
bulletCD ROM access and production
bulletAlternate input devices such as Scanners, Bar Code Readers and Swipe Terminals
bulletColor output devices
bulletMultiuser topologies including client-server and peer-to-peer configurations
bulletVarious digitizing devices such as tables and tablets

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