Microsoft Office Application Integration

September 20, 2003

William W Zeigler, CPA – Office Suite SIG Coordinator


I.                    Introduction – Planned Program


a.       WZ Intro


b.      Demonstration and discussion of Office shares info between its applications


c.       Assume limited familiarity with Office applications beyond basic features


d.      Focus is what can be done, less on how


e.       HELP is almost always useful – generally in most programs



II.                 Terminology – ways info is shared


a.       Hyperlink


b.      Copy/Paste[Link]  -  Paste Special


c.       Drag and Drop


d.      Collaberation


e.       Import  -  Similar to File-OpenAs


f.        Query – beyond this scope



III.               Sharing examples and demonstrations


a.       Table data is consistent format between Word and Excel


1)      Follow the sample files for example


b.      Excel Data to PowerPoint


c.       Excel Merge into Word letter  -  Add Merge Fields to any document


d.      Excel with Outlook


e.       Excel to Web Page


f.        Outlook makes available uses Word for email edit


g.       Exchanging Excel data with Access


1)      Enable a few Add-ins


2)      The tie is the worksheet view of tables



IV.              Sharing Office data outside Office


a.       Quickbooks


1)      to Excel [helps total reports that don’t have a total]


2)      Write Letters command creates Mail Merge to Word


b.      Using ODBC, Excel and Timberline Accounting


c.       CompuFloor uses Excel as Import format


d.      Many other programs export / import as Excel files



V.                 Sharing Office data with other Environments – Handhelps eg iPaq


a.       Conversion through copy in Explorer


b.      Excel and Word files


1)      Limited features and menus compared to full desktop applications


c.       Powerpoint presentations



VI.              Summary – Excel is a good focus


a.       Excel seems to talk to more of the other suite programs than the others


b.      Other programs generally exchange with Excel



VII.            Questions