Office / Internet SIG

Pocket PC Applications and Implementation

Presented By: William W Zeigler

September 18, 2003


I.                   Introduction – Planned Program


II.                PocketPC Applications


a.      Some technical distinctions: Palm, PDA, PocketPC, TabletPC


b.     ‘Standard’ PPC synchronizing tool = ActiveSync


c.     Connecting remotely – pcAnywhere using ActiveSync


d.     Application Walk Around

1)     The ‘usual’ – with limitations


2)     Windows ‘Start Menu’ look


3)     Settings Menu


4)     Programs Menu


5)     Notes – digital recording capability


6)     Transcriber


7)     “X” does not really terminate, more like minimize


8)     Wireless applications


1.     Network access -> Internet access

2.     Sync

3.     Bluetooth – defer to practical demonstration capability


III.             Application Sharing Demonstration