Office / Internet SIG

Presented By:  William W Zeigler

Operating System and Networking Techniques

April 17, 2002


I.                   Introduction


II.                Yahoo Groups

a.      Entry demonstration

b.     Illustrate what’s already there

c.     Extended into ideas


III.             Additional Windows XP points


a.      Re-review Home vs. Professional Summary


b.     CDR capability demonstration, general CDR/W issues


c.     Firewall feature


d.     Multi Op Sys Setup – link:


e.      Access denial in file copy, Security V4 vs V5


IV.            Remote Control demonstration using TCP/IP

a.      General benefit, use of Internet when/wherever available and DSL speed

b.     Primary requirement, a fixed and visible IP

c.     Dovetail fixed IP to security

d.     Demonstration – including multiple connectivity example using DSL


V.               Ideas and Techniques

a.      Use Excel as a tape calculator

b.     Adobe 4 for forms and multiple document printing thru email

c.     Windows / Office online updates


VI.            Power Issues

a.      Hibernate vs Standy vs Sleep

b.     Hardware shutdown complications