Office / Internet SIG

Windows XP

Presented By: William W Zeigler

October 17, 2001



I.                   Introduction – Planned Program


II.                Comparison with previous Windows versions


a.      Resource limit gone from 9x line


b.     Speed/Performance


c.     Application platforms


III.             WinXP Version Review


a.      Home


b.     Pro


c.     64-Bit


IV.            Included Features


a.      CD burning capability [Easy CD Creator]


b.     File compression [Zip]


c.     Remote Administration [pcAnywhere]


d.     Firewall


V.               Enhanced Desktop and Folder Function

a.      Expanded ‘My’ motif

b.     My Documents

c.     My Pictures

d.     24 viewable clipboard items in the environment


VI.            Java Issues – Not Included


VII.         Conclusion