Office Internet SIG Meeting

MS Office Application Overview

Presented By:  William W Zeigler

May 16, 2001


I.  Introduction


II.  Excel Items into PowerPoint Presentation

A.     Open both applications

B.      Highlight the 'source', ie, the spreadsheet area desired in the presentation

C.     Switch to PPT

D.     Position to the desired slide

E.      Choice to make in Paste

1)     Understand the use of the terms 'source' and 'target'

2)     Paste - incorporates the contents into the target's format; edits are accomplished by loading the object's native program

3)     Paste Link - merely a pointer to the source where source changes are reflected into its rendition in the target; edits change the source

B.    Note that the links are 'absolute', ie, change the source's location, the links must be redone


III.  Automatically Updating Summary Word Table

A.     Create the detailed areas first

B.      Bookmark each detail 'total'

C.     Create the table, laying out the bookmarks

D.     Update requires a separate 'update DOC' F9 command


V.  Outlook

A.     Custom Fields - setup and suggestion

B.      Outlook Address Book in Mail Merge

C.     View Management

1)     Customizing current view

2)     Column widths

3)     As to new fields

4)     Suggestions on actual choices to display [which are the same as print]


VI.  Visual Basic

A.     Seminar announcement

B.      Walk thru effect of Excel modifications


VII.  Access Presentation Followup [Nov99 Main Program]

A.     Switchboard - precoded menu

1)     Advantage - quick and easy

2)     Create your database objects first

3)     Any of those objects can be invoked in a few preset ways

B.      Info Page

1)     Standard design technique to compose 'instructions/comments', etc

2)     Remove record navigation

C.     Macros - Preset Code Choices

D.     Parameter Query

1)     '[ ]'  indicates a declared variable

2)     Include prompt response in Report Header


VIII.  Web Site Development and Publication

A.     Glitch in FTPX access method

B.      Graphic Image Management - Logo Example [Image Designers]


VIII  Quick Tips

A.     IE

1)     shortcut to site root name access - Cntl-Enter auto add 'http://www.[].com


B.      Windows

1)     Alt-Click on 'My Computer' -> Device Manager